How to find and replace all to translate discourse?

Hello Dears
how can i translate discourse by find and replace for example find all “topic” word and replace all by “موضوع” ?

To switch default language, you can run the wizard (<your-url>/wizard) and choose the language you want site strings to appear in


yes my site translated in Arabic and it is available but i want to change some words i suggest for example that i have much better translation for some words so i want re-translate those words using bulk find and replace

it would be better to contribute to the Arabic translation in transifex in that case - then they can benefit the wider community as well :slight_smile: and you don’t need to do anything specific to your site

maybe sign up to transifex and ping @joffreyjaffeux or @zogstrip to add you to the project? I think Arabic is close to 70% translated but you are not the first to mention it could be improved, so it could do with some extra helpers