How to embed SWF inside a post

I want to embed SWF (Flash player files) from local to my post. How can I do that?

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Go to
Admin -> Settings -> Onebox
and set the checkbox

THanks, I saw that… but How I embed the SWF? If I click Ctrl+G It’s just gives a link for download. I want that the SWF displayed In my post. Like picture not as a link.
Sry for my lame english :slight_smile:

Paste the link to the .swf on a line by itself. Make sure that the domain is in the “generic onebox whitelist”.

@riking Thanks, I added now my domain to “onebox domains whitelist” - http:// is require?.
After I upload my swf and try to go this URL I see:

The page you requested doesn’t exist or is private

It is possible this has regressed, but it is not what we view as a first tier feature. @techapj can you check?

SWF oneboxing is working fine for me.

@michael_solomon are you still having this issue.


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