How to embed tiktok, reels and spotify?

I saw tiktok, reels and spotify incorporated in some forums made by Discourse, but mine does not, what do I have to do to incorporate?

see this




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do i have to activate something?

worse than that I can’t find anything about it

For Spotify, you need to use their shareembed trackcopy feature and indeed add in your allowed iframes.

Tiktok and IG reels share codes use a blockquote along a <script> elements, so it won’t work straightforwardly as script tags aren’t allowed in posts.
I also suppose Discourse’s onebox doesn’t support them yet.
I don’t know if there are any working iframe links that could display them.

Did you use the search? I quicky found those:

Tiktok embedding is discussed here:

You can embed tiktok video like this:
For example, for

<iframe src="" height="800" width="400">

Instagram reels embedding is discussed here: