How can I edit a language translation?

Hey guys,

I am using Persian (farsi) language for discourse.
there are so many wrong translations.

How can I edit these translates?
Is there a file or something that I can edit?



I can’t figure out what I can do with that link.
Can I edit the language of my existing discourse installation?

You can edit any text on the site from /admin/customize/site_texts. The link above explains how to contribute to the translations that you said above: “… so many wrong translations” so others can benefit.


We are using persian discourse too.
custimizing text in admin panel can do something for you but changing some text in string can destroy your site.look here. It happens to us last week and it doesn’t fix until we change the website language throw database to english. this is discourse’s problem for farsi and I’m waiting for it’s sovation.
don’t scare of changing some translation.If it brokes you can delete your translation from database.

Thanks for reply.

Heading to discourse project now and translating the entire Persian language.
I am a native speaker, how can I get certified as a translator?

Noted. Thank you for the heads up.

Generally one member of Discourse’s Team (ping to @zogstrip or @techAPJ) provides to add you as translator for your language on Transifex.
Just have to ask :grin: