How to find only wiki topics?

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I know I can tag a topic as wiki in the future, but I have a bunch of wikis already created, and I don’t remember them all. Is there any way I can find them so I can tag them all for future searches?

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There might be an advanced search term for this, if not, there should be. cc @techAPJ


I just added support for in:wiki filter via

@rhyolight this feature will be deployed on your instance soon, then you can simply search for “in:wiki” and all wiki topics/posts will show up.


That’s awesome.

Unless I missed something in the code, you didn’t add a reference to this on the search help page. (or maybe some kind of magics does that?)

I did added it in code.


Oops. That’s what I get for reading code on my phone. Sorry. :confounded: