How to fix an out of order mistake after moving two sets of posts to a new topic

I have some editing rights (but I’m not in charge) on the Discourse Forum where I participate.

I marked some posts to move…skipped a few…and marked others below that. All the ones I needed were marked. I moved the lot. Then, noticed the 1st marked post and its replies did not move. I went back and moved those over, expecting they would list themselves in date-time order. They did not.

So how can I fix my mistake, so that Post 1 is back in 1st position?

And, is is wrong to skip posts when attempting to move a group of posts to a new topic?

Thank you.

Whew boy, I hope for your sake there aren’t many posts you’re dealing with here.

When posts are moved they get the datetime of when they were moved, not when they were made.

There has been talk here of having a way to reorder them, but AFAIK that is not yet easily possible.

IIRC you can change the times of the posts, but I’ve never done that and don’t remember where that discussion was or what search terms to us to find it.

Anyway, what I would do is create a new topic, maybe giving it a temp title that could be changed when done.
Then, being extremely careful move the posts from the other topic(s) in the precise order you want them to be in.

I was thinking that too, but from what I can tell, you can only change the time of a topic, which will update the time of all posts to their correct variant to each other.

Luckily, nobody seemed to notice the first 2 posts became the last 2 posts.

The behavior I expected was date-time order. Next time, I’ll move the #1 post and then slide in the other posts under it in the new thread.

Live & learn.

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This was “AUTOMATICALLY BUMPED FEB 4” — 3 yrs after my last reply.

This topic can be closed. Thank you.

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