Move later post to another topic: shouldn't it bump the topic up the list?

Guys I’ve just moved someone’s post (because it was related to an earlier post, but the user chose to inappropriately randomly post on an unrelated thread) but Discourse didn’t bring the target topic forward and bump it up the topic list like I think it intuitively should. Should this be improved?

The post has a time stamp, shouldn’t the position of the destination thread be updated according to the moved posts timestamp if the timestamp is newer? Am I missing something?

Can you explain in more detail? Do you mean you moved a post into a new category and it didn’t bump to the top of the latest list?

Yes, kind of - updated explanation above.

It’s not an actual new reply though, it is an existing reply that was moved, so I disagree with this interpretation.

But it could be recent. Part of the issue is that the author may now not see her post near the top of the topic list. It might move quite far down and thus be ignored. This is a disincentive to move the post as no mod wants to discourage a user or have posts missed.

Feel free to compose a reply to the topic indicating that things were moved, if you feel it is warranted. This will bump the topic.

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Yes an edit or an additional post is a workaround but that’s creating noise and is additional effort. If the topic list simply updated according to the time ranking of the moved post no additional steps would be necessary.

Don’t forget that person will be notified their post was moved

You could create a post, and then delete it – this also bumps the topic.

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Yes but the crucial thing is the user would want readers to take notice of their post and of course people generally only scan the top of the list for new posts. In my example the post disappears into history, making it highly likely it will be ignored by most and this fails to recognise its relative newness.

I’ll use the workarounds for now but do still feel this should be considered as a potential enhancement.

You could change the timestamp in the target topic.


Fine. But shouldnt that be automatic?

Timestamp of the target topic should be that of the newest post after posts were moved. Posting some garbage and immediately deleting works quite well as a work-around, but takes some additional effort.


Yes. And that’s not what currently happens.

I think this should be considered a bug?

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I agree with this, can you add it to your list @vinothkannans?


It’s done. Now last_posted_at and bumped_at topic columns will be updated with last post’s timestamp.


Thanks @vinothkannans!