How to fix timestamps for new hosted install

I’ve started a trial for hosted and I’ve been populating the posts myself. I found the feature to change a topic timestamp which I used. However, I used it prior to finishing my replies. So I added a new reply and it says I made the reply a month later. I tried changing the timestamp again and it doesn’t work on my new reply.

I looked into the api but didn’t see anything that allows me to change the timestamp for a reply.

Is there a way to update a reply timestamp or at the very least force the topic change timestamp to take even the new replies into account? Thanks!

Topic timestamps can be adjusted, in-topic reply timestamps cannot without direct database manipulation.

I saw that changing a topic timestamp would cascade and apply to all existing replies. Is there any way to game this into getting my new replies to adjust. Something like moving the timestamp to the future and back again? I’m hesitant to try because I don’t want to make my situation worse.