How to force am/pm in discourse-calendar?

I have “LLLL” set up as the default format but Spanish is my default locale. So, if I write this:

`[date=2021-03-10 time=18:00:00 timezone=“Europe/Madrid” format=“LLLL”]``

I get this:

I know I could write the format manually:

[date=2021-03-10 time=18:00:00 timezone="Europe/Madrid" format="dddd, DD \d\e MMMM h:mm a"]

which gives this:

But if the day is today, it goes back to 24-hour:


Is it possible to have smart dates like today/tomorrow/yesterday and also specify the hour format?

If not, I’ll guess I’ll resort to adding calendar=off.


@joffreyjaffeux If you have time, could you confirm if this is the intended behavior or if it might be a bug?

I see that _translateCalendarKey (which is used for today, tomorrow and yesterday) uses ‘LT’ but I don’t see a way to override it other than turning off ‘calendar’.