Trust level names in spanish

I wonder if it’s possible to rename the trust level internal names because they breaks our UI and we don’t really want to add 4 more groups to display correct (less is better).

Could be related with translation to spanish?


sure! see: your.domain/admin/customize/site_texts?


They don’t stick (and I still need to use Chrome to upload images or use editor because Firefox ESR still buggy :slightly_frowning_face:)


You’re right, it’s more complicated than that, for an automatic group only the display_name is accessible through the UI, but mentions do use name

ps. about firefox, I was just using 102.0 without any trouble (win64) ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

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I can get more deep if you give your insight or some link to read.

I think that kind of things makes the difference on engagement. Not every communities are made for devs :slight_smile:

I hope trust levels will be more flexible. We can’t use them on subscriptions, we can’t change their names, we can’t get rid of them (and same with badges).

I first thought there would be something in: Administrative Bulk Operations , but as I feared: Can I change the "Staff" Group Name? , nope

I’m currently testing whether rebuilding with a different locale by default changes the names of the automatic groups, well…no luck :sweat_smile: .
they are defined during the initial setup from - for instance in french - here:

ps. you can “get rid of” badges, that’s the enable badges parameter :grin:

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I thought some of them are permanent but that’s ok, I think that core team have some point on that (:

I asked the same about Staff group (we need to hide and use another ones, workaround is ok but we need something to change @trust_level_1)

That’s looks really bad. Paranoids could delete site data (?)

I’m sure almost anything is possible within the rails console, but it would require an extensive knowledge of the code that I’m far from having!

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Actually it does, still a little fuzzy as exactly when and how (could revisiting /wizard/steps/locale be necessary? or running discourse-setup or maybe it’s done in background by a recurring task…)
So now the question is could a plugin be used to add a locale :thinking:
Yes ! Add a new locale from plugin

Why does it break the UI?

You can hide all the trust_level groups so only admins/mods see them on the group page.

We are using default trust levels but not with _default_trust_level_ux but cool names then.

If you are in sync with Discord and Subscriptions, that could make sense if you want to keep all your audience engaged with Discourse philosophy but offer the chance to pay-for-info.

The problem appears in those little things that make that objetive almost impossible for no-coders.

We are trying our best in the learning curve :slight_smile:

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so, thank to the amazing work of the team, it’s surprisingly feasible,

  • rebuilt, to see the custom locale in the parameter default locale, selected it

  • entered the app and the rails console
    sudo /var/discourse/./launcher enter app
    rails c
    and finally
    exit; exit


Many thanks for that.

I tried but I see that just won’t update trust_levels on spanish (but worked with Admins group, changed):

Could be related to my own instance? I checked and I didn’t see any errors on logs related.

I’ve just had a quick run-through and this worked for me:

  • Change groups.default_names.trust_level_0 to ‘Randoms’ (Language: Español)

  • Go to /sidekiq/scheduler and manually trigger Jobs::EnsureDbConsistency

There was an issue in another topic where the new group names were already taken by some users which caused a conflict. If this doesn’t work, perhaps it could be that?


We supposed to rebuild after trigger manually Jobs::EnsureDbConsistency?

I tried without luck :frowning: but thanks guys!

No rebuild needed. That’s a scheduled background job, so would run at some point automatically. All manually triggering it does is remove the wait.

I’m not sure why that’s not working for you. :thinking: And there’s no other groups/users/anything else that may share a name that may be causing a conflict?

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I was using new groups before and I forgot to rename/delete them before follow your steps guys.

It’s done, thanks again!

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What’s the best approach if I can’t update the grups on default trust_levels modified strings?

Already tried:

  • Modify and update the plugin.
  • Change the string from UI ( groups.default_names.trust_level_X)
  • Resetting from sidekiq EnsureDbConsistency
  • Group.refresh_automatic_groups!()

I thought you managed to get this working?

I had it working but when I tried to update some trust_level names they just didn’t updates anymore.

Groups stills without updates and the plugin was changed within entering the app (and names from UI like I said before):