How to get on the customer list?

Hi all,

we would like to join the customer list (Discourse customers | Discourse - Civilized Discussion) but i can’t see any contact there. We are running the website a german Q&A website based on Discourse with more than 1.6M topics, 6.7m posts and 600k users. We would be very happy to join this customer list. We have already participated in the further development of discourse (see e. g. topics of Profile - klopsknoedel - Discourse Meta) and will do in future.

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Hi @Mike_Gehrhardt,

The Customer’s list consists of people who are a customer of Discourse i.e. they’ve purchased a subscription directly from

If you wish to become a member of the customers group, first thing to do would be to buy a package of your liking here:
Discourse pricing | Discourse - Civilized Discussion

Nb: Self hosted installs are Users (and not customers)


Thanks for your answer, sad that there is no user list to join. We are bound to GDPR and need to keep control over the data and where it’s stored.


There are some detailed posts about GDPR on meta. You can take a look at them.

Ohh I’m sorry I was a bit vague. I was talking about GDPR.

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I’ve used the search before posting but didn’t find something that fits my question.


For our paid hosting at, you can read GDPR information in our privacy policy: Privacy policy | Discourse - Civilized Discussion


Fine, but the data of my customers is stored on your servers or AWS or DigitalOcian. So did you provide a DPA (it’s a bit off topic I know) see What is a GDPR data processing agreement? -


We provide a DPA for all of the customers on our hosting who request it. We’re also Privacy Shield certified.