Discourse showcase

Is there a showcase somewhere of communities using discourse?


There is Discourse customers | Discourse - Civilized Discussion


Nice! Just what I was looking for :slight_smile:


So if you install your software yourself like @ http://treasureterrain.com/
you can’t be on that list in the LINK?

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Generally not no, I don’t think anyone maintains a public directory of Discourse sites.

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There was a topic where hundreds of Discourse sites were posted but it was deleted a few years ago.

It was my favorite topic because of the interesting sites I could see. The topic definitely required curation because attrition was a serious problem which might be why codinghorror removed it. Many sites only operated until their initial Digital Ocean credit expired.

Now we occasionally see some topics like this:


Any thoughts on this? Websites using Discourse. “Download a list of all 16,773 Current Discourse Customers” Is that likely to be accurate? Big difference from the " 1,500+ customers and counting" nominated at Discourse customers | Discourse - Civilized Discussion


Discourse is open source, many people self host. We love that.

A core mission of Discourse is increasing general adoption and making sure everyone has a chance to run a their own forum.

Our showcase focuses on our customers, they are people that pay us a monthly hosting fee.


I’m interested in this because Discourse is commonly underrated in usage and market-share statistics that I’ve seen.

Describing all websites using Discourse as “customers” is not accurate as it is only an assumption by builtwith.com. “Clients” or “users” would be better terms because they allow for both non-financial and remote relationships.

The numbers at builtwith.com could be confirmed because they list them all if you’re prepared to pay for them:
16,773 live + 10,895 past = 27,668 historical websites
16,773 live + 72,108 redirects = 88,881 current URLs

This appears to be a more complete list than sites like similartech.com (9,303), wappalyzer.com (3,700) and whatcms.com (1,354). But all of them only count public-facing instances so the many private intranet and home server instances won’t be counted by any of them.