How to Get Rid of a Faulty Plugin?

Need help.

Accidentally I installed a broken plugin, and as a result of this, we can not write anything in the editor as this part does not show any more:


I connected to the root, edited the app.yml file and deleted the associated github line but it hangs and disconnects while rebuilding. Previously rebuilds were successful but not anymore.

When I use the restart app command it works but we are stuck with no editor. When I enable Safe Mode, everything works fine but I can not disable the plugin from the admin side in the forum as the option to disable is not active.

What would be the best course of action in these circumstances? I have a backup from today, shall I restore? Should I try to reach plugins folder and delete the data (I couldn’t where that is)?

Thank you?

Do you mean your SSH session disconnects while rebuilding?

If so, try running within screen. That’ll help if you don’t have a great connection via SSH.


Yes, Michael, exactly.
I’ll try that.
The message I received states that a network error had occurred.

This latest try to rebuild is going on for the last 35 minutes.


Although things seemed faster this time, running screen did not seem to help.

At my previous attempt I was stuck at 3rd line of building, now I am stuck here for the last 15-20 minutes. Is it normal that the rebuilding take so much time?

Shall I keep on waiting? Can’t I delete the associated folder within plugins folder?

Thank you.

You can, but you seem to have a fundamental rebuild issue here that will bite you soon in the future if you don’t sort it.

Have you got enough space on your server? ./launcher cleanup can help, as can ensuring your swap is set up correctly (if memory is the issue). You might even need more SSD space / memory / CPU grunt as rebuilding seems to be pretty much the highest demand activity there is.

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I’ll try the cleanup.

Can I recheck the way I use screen… I open the SSH connection, used “sudo apt-get install screen” command, it replied screen is installed, I used “screen” command to enter and then used “./launcher rebuild app” command to rebuild…

Does that seem to be right?

After trying a couple of rebuilds following the memory optimization, I spotted a remark about “system restart needed”. I stopped app and then restarted and decided to try one more time before trying to delete plugin’s folder or restoring my backup. The rebuild stalled at the same point but kept on going just a second before I was about to close the Putty.

Everything is fine now.

After the rebuild complete I instantly clicked the link on my browser to visit the forum and I saw an entry poster an hour ago. But I’ve been trying to fix the problem at least for the last 3-4 hours. How can this be possible?

Thank you very much for your time.