How to have "…" open automatically?

As a moderator I click on the “…” (tooltip “show more”) button below posts (left to Reply) all the time:
Delete a post, edit a post, flag a post - each one takes two clicks.

Is there a way to have this open automatically without the additional click?

Look into post menu hidden items in the Admin > Settings, but realize that this is a change for everyone, not a single person.


@Sujan delete and edit menus will display only for original author, moderators and admins. So you can move those to visible part of post menu.


Hm ok, I actually am no Admin and I don’t expect this change to be wanted by everyone :confused:

Hi @vinothkannans Vinoth, can you kindly help me to know how to implement that as a moderator/admin?

If you’re an admin then you can edit “post menu” and “post menu hidden items” site settings to make the change as explained in the above post. But you can’t limit this change only to admins and mods. It will affect post authors and who have the ability to edit others’ posts.