Post menu hidden/visible settings not obeyed

Hi, there appears to be a bug in the post menu settings for what is visible by default and what is is hidden behind the elipses.

By default:

Screenshot from 2023-01-11 09-23-19


Screenshot from 2023-01-11 09-24-23

This one is a little late… but the edit pencil is always shown on a user’s own posts even when included in post menu hidden items, as it’s considered too important to tuck away. However, if you remove it from the setting it will then show up outside of the menu on all other user’s posts for those with the ability to edit them (admin, mods, and anyone in a group in the edit all post groups admin setting).

Bookmark is another reactive one that will show up outside of the menu if you have a bookmark set for that post (and be hidden usually).

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