How to implement HTML email branding into Discourse Forums

Hi everyone, I have made a branded email for the forums I am working on, but when I try to test the email to see if it works, it seems that it won’t be implemented. I’m very new to this sort of project and was wondering if you guys have any tips or information on helping me to implement it. When I copy the coding into the test email, it doesn’t even send an email or sends a standard discourse one. I can send the files and coding if needed, thanks for your help :slight_smile:

It is possible to customize the outer email template that is used as a wrapper for all emails that are sent from Discourse. Doing this allows you to add branding to emails that are sent from your site. Details about how to do it are here: Customize and style the Discourse outer email template.

If you use this approach, you will probably want to disable the apply custom styles to digest site setting so that summary emails sent from your site will not have your branding displayed twice.