How to install a plugin on Discourse-hosted-Discourse?

I’d like to add fancy Github-style checkboxes to my markdown options.

How do I get this on my Discourse instance if I don’t control it?

You don’t want to use that plugin. You will want to use

It works with the latest version of Discourse, and the README has a link to how to install plugins.


For Discourse instances hosted by us (, Civilized Discourse Construction Kit Inc), you need to be on our Enterprise plan in order to install custom plugin bundles, because we use multisite for standard/business customers and a plugin installed for one customer in a multisite config runs for everyone, which can cause Confusion and Delay if there’s bugs in the plugin, or incompatibilities with other plugins, or any number of other potential issues.

If you’re an Enterprise plan customer, just drop us a note at explaining what you want, and we’ll get it sorted for you.

If there’s a plugin that’s high quality and widely sought after, we do add new plugins to our standard/business plans from time to time, after doing a lot of verification to make sure it’s not going to cause problems for customers who don’t want it.


Unfortunately, we are on the standard business plan at the moment and probably won’t upgrade to enterprise for the near future.

Is there a proposal process for suggesting plugins?

You may want to move to self hosting; it’s unlikely we will include that particular plugin any time soon.

Also reminder, you can simply do checklists using emoji and edits, e.g:

  • :ballot_box_with_check: Something I finished

  • :black_square_button: Something I haven’t finished

which is

- :ballot_box_with_check: Something I finished

- :black_square_button: Something I haven't finished

I really like @codinghorror’s suggestion.

Sometimes I just use a <del> tag to cross something off:

  • get milk

Just out of curiosity… is the Official Translator plugin one that is available for standard/business plans?

At the moment we only offer translator on the enterprise plans.

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