How to install Discourse on Koding?

How do I install Discourse on Koding?


Fork it and open your fork within Koding through GitHub? At least that’s how you’d do it using Cloud9, and Koding seems similar to Cloud9

And you won’t be able to run it on Cloud9 or Koding, the requirements to run it are way too high for those environments.

How can I run discourse without paying money?

Create a VM or use Vagrant locally?

Tried vagrant locally and cant get localhost:4000 to load.

vagrant is not intended for any production uses, for production uses use: GitHub - discourse/discourse_docker: A Docker image for Discourse

unlike other cloud based dev environments, docker has full support on koding so you can definitely try this on your if any questions come up, hit us up at
(full disclosure, i work for koding)


How much memory and could do you permit to be used? As Discourse ha high requirements.

How ? I’m finding a way to have a one click install of discourse for free. The only thing that i’ve found is cloud66. However, it does not have the latest version.

root: /var/discourse $ ./launcher bootstrap app
WARNING: No swap limit support
Unable to find image 'samsaffron/discourse:1.0.6' locally
Pulling repository samsaffron/discourse
2014/11/28 13:52:29 Error pulling image (1.0.6) from samsaffron/discourse, Untar exit status 1 write /var/www/discourse/.git/objects/pack/pack-89464e242bc548758ab51e2197e35d53ccb2d3b3.pack: no space left on device
Your Docker installation is not working correctly

It’s impossible to install on a 3GB instance, the free one, it seems, without some sort of cleanup. 1.53GB are already used on installation.

It isn’t possible on any of their plans. They only offer 1 GB of RAM, that isn’t enough. As I stated previously, you can’t do it.

1GB RAM is perfectly fine for a Discourse installation. I have no problems running Discourse on a 1GB DO droplet.

You likely have swap handling the remainder, which seems to not be setup on the Koding VMs (based on the output above). Without swap, 1 GB is not enough, plus if you are going to setup it up for primarily development usage, 1 GB is barely going to be usable (based on what testing I’ve done with my own VMs)

I have 2 Discourse instances running, (1GB digitalocean droplet) and (4GB runabove instance) and I can’t notice any difference between performance.

Sorry for going offtopic.

Without swap 1GB might work, but upgrading will be super sketchy as upgrading has much higher memory requirements (all the gem compiling and so forth).

If you ever plan to upgrade your Discourse instance via the built in upgrader you definitely want swap, and it is generally safer to have a bit of swap with 1GB.