How to install Discourse on windows

I am completely new to Ruby on Rails , but i want to install discourse on windows, i have installed docker , but when i click to start it, it goes off after just 1 or 2 second. i dont know what to do, is that docker dosn’t work on windows, or am i doing wrong something else, my IDE is NetBeans ,
I know this is something silly , But please help me out in this,

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best way for development and testُ disourse , install discourse in ubuntu or mac

####im installed in windows with virtualbox but not work properly and its work very slowly

###for windows test this :

###for linux ubuntu

###for mac :


Thank you @Qasem_h for reply,
I have gone through that link, i have installed vagrant (VM) , and virtual box , but when i download github, it discarded the installation automatically , i got baffled , dont know what to do. I am working on windows 7 .

whats your error ?

this is installion information :
after install VM and vagrant
git discourse clone
cd your cloned discourse location
and type : vagrant up (Its takes some time)

vagrant ssh
bundle install
bundle exec rake db:migrate
bundle exec rails server
and open http://localhost:3000 in your browser


I think i should spend some more time with this.
But your help is really appreciated. Thanks.

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For me it’s localhost:4000 i.e port 4000 not port 3000
* I have not been able to run in production mode due to Windows security interfering with “shared folders”

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I have installed the git , after inserting commit message , when i clicked on commit button an error popup comes

what to do next please help.

read this :
and this

Hi there , Discourse is now running fine on windows, but when i go to
[http://localhost:4000/admin/][1] or to any other page , it gets me to this error page ,

now dont know what to do, coz being unaware of rails
[1]: http://localhost:4000/admin/
kindly help me out in this,

Thanks in advance ,

First create a admin account

yes , but how to create the admin account . coz when i go to to http://localhost:4000/admin/

it takes me to the page ( screen shot is attched on above reply.)

First create a acounte in the site
go to your git bash and type : rake admin:create active that acouunt and gnrate admin rank

After installing and cloning,

vagrant up

doesn’t do anything … .

Is that normal?

You should follow the official guide:


Don’t have Windows 10.

So you can run a virtual machine with latest Ubuntu and follow:


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