Install Discourse development environment on Windows?


I want to move my forum Mybb to Discourse. @pfaffman suggest me install Discourse development environment for the import database. So, i installed VirtualBox, Vagrant and Github Desktop on my Windows machine. (from what I learned this tutorial)

I set up requirements but i don’t know what should i do. Should i install Discourse on the VirtualBox Ubuntu VM first? I have installed Discourse on VPS many times but i can’t install to my local machine. :frowning:

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So now you’d enter the console via powershell and run the import script.

You’ll also need to get mysql installed and the database imported there, or configure your mySQL database to allow connections to it from your development machine; this is slower, but allows you to import directly from your live database.

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I have not come to this stage yet. :slight_smile: I do not know how to install Discourse with Vagrant. Should i create VM on VirtualBox with Ubuntu OS and install discourse? But how i connect this with vagrant? I am confused. :slight_smile:

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You linked to instructions for installing Discourse with Vagrant on Windows. If you can’t follow those instructions I don’t know how I can help.