How to install / it is free?

(Patrik Vachuticka) #1


I want to test your plugin on my site, i instaled the plugin on my site in configuration:

Discourse URL: / i trying create a page “forums” nothing, so i try a empty link like forumss
API KEY: site/admin/api 404 error

So i cant install this forum, i read your documentation and i dont understand, i need a ur 3rd party of hosting? It’s not free i think.

Any idea? Thanks.

(xXAlphaManXx) #2

Discourse is launched under GNU public license and it is 100% free. No threads attached and no payment for any feature. All things are free.

Where did you try to install the discourse? Discourse does support only Ubuntu system and does not work on any web hosting.

And the discourse URL should be like with A record poinitng your ip addres of your discourse instance.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Discourse works on any Docker compatible 64-bit Linux server. See the install instructions at discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

Also, referral links (unless CDCK, Inc. approved) are not allowed here.

(xXAlphaManXx) #4

Hmm, well i didn’t know about that. Sorry.

Oops, i didn’t know that. Sorry for this too @codinghorror