How to install the tagging plugin in a Vagrant environment

(Alex Armstrong) #1

I want to install the tagging plugin in a Vagrant environment.

I tried to the following:

cd plugins
git clone
cd ..
bundle install
bundle exec rake db:migrate

It appears to install correctly:

But although I can see the tagging preferences under Admin / Plugins, I don’t have the ability to tag topics on the front-end of the site. I’ve enabled tagging and the user I was testing with has required trust to create new tags.


P.S. My production environment uses docker. But I’m currently importing content from another forum and have been advised to do so locally, in a Vagrant environment.

(Alex Armstrong) #2

Apparently, logging in and out enabled the tags on the front end. So everything seems to be working just fine.

Sorry folks!

It’s always the last thing you try :slight_smile: