How to keep the same anonymous account?

Please help. if I have exited anonymous , how can I comment(reply) with that anonymous name?

How long ago did you create the anonymous account?


the time I set for :

anonymous account duration minutes is 120 minutes (2 hours). In these 2 hours I reply with anonymous1, and the 2 hour time ends, I use anonymous2, now all my replies will be anonymous2 (but I don’t want this to happen), I want to reply with anonymous1.

How can I reply to anonymous1 (at this point, I created anonymous2, then I go out of anonymous2 back to the original user)

First you should change that timeframe to something more suitable for you. 2 hours is defenetly too short in the future, so use something longer — one month, a year…

The easiest way to change to anonymous1 is find it from user directory, open its profile and then act as it. Sure — you have to do that route everytime, but how long would that topic be alive?

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Can you explain more: Once I exited anonymous1 (and anonymous1 timed out, and now if I create a new anonymous, it will be anonymous2). How can I Reply with anonymous1

Go to admin > users, search anonymous1 and open that profile. Show public profile and from there open admin-menu. Scroll down and click impersonate. That’s it.

If you aren’t an admin there is absolut nothing you can do.


Thanks for your answer, I will do your operation.