How to know if a post is reply to the topic in general or to the post right above it?


For reference please see this topic in try:

Not sure if this intended to be like that or just a bug, but I thought I would bring it up either way. As you can see in try, the third and the fourth posts are replies to the second post. The fourth post does have this indicator , but the third one doesn’t. I know it says underneath the second post, but this showed up after posting the fourth post.

It happened to me a few times in large topics where I needed to know if the post I’m reading was a reply to the entire topic or to post above it. I think you can imagine that.

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It’s intentional, otherwise the screen is spammed with tons of redundant metadata indicators in a topic.

When there is

  • one, and only one reply
  • that reply is directly under the post it is replying to

reply metadata is suppressed. If you don’t want this, turn it off in your site settings.

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