How to limit the sending frequency of summary mail?

How to limit the sending frequency of summary mail?

I use a free email service. When too many messages are sent at one time, the request will be limited, resulting in the failure of sending messages.

I hope all emails can be sent out correctly. After sending one message, pause for a certain period of time instead of sending the next one immediately。

Any good ideas?


Hi Kevin ! Which email service do you use ? Do you know if you can do some throttling settings ? I know it usually improves the delivery (once all messages are sent) but it can sometimes improve the sendings. Let us know :wink:

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I use Tencent (China) 's free email service. (Https://
I don’t have a good way to deal with this problem now. :sleepy:

Ok, I don’t know this provider but I’ll manage to have some time to have a look. Meanwhile, if you get some clues, let me know :slight_smile:

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I suspect you will need to write a plugin or upgrade your email service.

Looks like Discourse will do a short term requeue of failed emails:

but I suspect this is not designed to deal with this kind of extreme scenario because their recommended providers do not rate limit so badly.

Free and email do not mix for a variety of reasons.

Migrate to a better paid service if you can is my advice.

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@merefield is right indeed. In any way, dealing with your ESP settings would be a quick fix and wouldn’t replace an efficient queuing or buffering feature.

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