How to login Discourse with existing Shopify customer account info

Hi there, I got a shopping website built by Shopify and a Discourse forum on the shopping web. I was wondering if it is possible that customers who registered an account on the shopping website can log in to the forum with their website account by default? I’ll show you examples as follow:

Hi @William_Gary

The last time I explored shopify didn’t had support for allowing customer logins via oauth or any supported protocol for 3rd party products/services. Unless they’ve changed something very recently, I believe it is not possible to do it.

It might be possible with this Secure SSO ‑ Simplified Login - Single Sign-On via SAML, OAuth,OpenID,LDAP for Plus, Non-Plus | Shopify App Store but I think you might need to have an external source that both discourse and shopify use.

Hi @pfaffman

IIRC that addon only lets site owners login to external service not the customers. I may be mistaken however.

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I thought that plugin mentioned customers, but I didn’t read carefully.

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Yeah, I agree but have seen some brands like WYZE make it. Their customers are able to log in to the Wyze discourse community with shop site account information by default. Still trying to figure it out.

I thought this APP is just for customers logging in to Shopify with other platform accounts. but I wish my customers could log in to discourse with Shopify customer account. Thank you though.

They’re using a mix of shopify & magento (and probably some others) so I’m not sure if it is them actually using shopify login or they just have a central authentication system and they use it to login at all the CMSes


My assumption is pretty much on point. From what I see, all their services point to for login requests. I am fairly confident to say that they’ve got some type of CAS and that is being used to coordinate logins between magento, shopify, discourse & possibly other services as well.

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Thank you so much @itsbhanusharma I’ll check that out and see if there’s another way to integrate Magento and Shopify.