How to make auto-lock time more specific?

Is there a way to make the times in the text that appears for auto-locking more detailed?

Right now it’ll say something like this:

How could I go about making it say days + hours when > 24 hours and hours + minutes otherwise instead? Will this need a plugin or a theme component?


Can’t you hover your pointing device over the date to see the exact time?

I just tried it on my instance and I don’t think so.
Is there a topic on meta I can see that work on?

If it does not, we should make sure the detailed HTML title tag is present on the time for hovering devices. Cc @joffreyjaffeux

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Ok I went with “easy” solution and date only:

Think that should be enough.


Thanks! That works great for desktop! I do wish there was also some way to see it on mobile though.

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