How to make our forum looks like Q&A community than a forum?

We run discourse since 2017 as a Q&A community but we are trying to change the design to make the website looks like a Q&A community more than a forum.
any ideas?

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What “functions” are you expecting from a “Q&A” community? Do you mean something in particular?
Are you looking for a voting system? I think there’s a plugin for that! :smiley:

Hello, no only from the design, we need to change the design to make it look like yahoo answers, stack overflow or even quora.
give the user impression of Q&A community more than a discussion forum.

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I think Discourse is already compliant with the use you’re asking for… :thinking:
With some plugins, you can enrich the user experience too! (voting system, solution, …)

Maybe, you’re looking for a specific design; you can take a look in #theme!


If you want a full QA experience you can use some other software that is aimed at QA. There are multiple Stack overflow clones, or you can also go and buy Stack Overflow for teams.


Discourse is awesome, flexible and secure.
you don`t believe me if i say i was looking for stack overflow clones 3 years ago when i found discourse.
all we need just to change the design not the functions.

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Looks like you just need to work on a custom theme so it looks more like what you’re imagining. Lots of examples in #theme you can learn from.


Fedora Project has a dedicated Discourse installation for Q&A. Have you seen it yet?


In terms of appearance,Quora looks like the Facebook Discourse theme:

Check it out here: Fakebook, a theme for social media lovers