How to make the AI support other languages?

如何可以支持中文呢?我用管理员发了帖子 过了一会标题自动变成了英文.
How can I support Chinese? I used the administrator to make a post and then the title automatically changed to English.
I have to change each one back.


我发现有时候ai可以智能填充中文标题 更多的时候填充的是英文标题.
I’ve found that sometimes the ai can intelligently fill in Chinese headings, but more often it fills in English headings.


I, too, have posed this inquiry within this discourse

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The same applies to spanish. I found the prompts in db/fixtures folder but I don’t know how to update them.

Modifying files and uploading a forked plugin didn’t work, so ~70% of the AI job is on english :smiling_face_with_tear:

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can AI helper support multilaguage like chinese?
the default setting is english, and i can’t change it

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A straighforward guide to modify the prompts will be fully appreciated.

I tried to fork and did it by my own but it seems it’s need to ‘update’ the prompts because they was written on the database.

It is not easily configurable, we may be able to start doing something similar to personas long term. I worry a lot more about drift here though cause if you override you will miss out on all the fixes we introduce and this is an area of very high levels of churn, AI is moving fast.

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I get it, just tried to show how AI can help in our non-English speakers community. Of course, if I fork I’m on my own for keeping this repo updated until the translations are officially supported.

We will try to improve our English meanwhile :slight_smile:

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