How to move Google Groups migrated users from staged to active?

I have a CDCK client for whom I did a Google Groups import. I told them that people will need to do “reset password” to set their password, but the imported users are staged, and a user claims that trying to reset password results in “no account matches <email>”.

I can’t find a prescribed method for moving from staged to active and am not sure how to create a staged user to try to do a test.

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Hope all is well.

Staged users are a boolean in the users table

 staged                    | boolean                     |           | not null | false

So you can set this to false and they will no longer be staged

Ditto (almost) for active users:

 active                    | boolean                     |           | not null | false

But how does a user who wants to be connected with their account do so without admin intervention?

Did you try the normal sign up flow?


Why was this decision made?

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That is the way that the Google groups importer works, but there could be a setting that I overlooked. I think it’s that you can’t assume that people who were in a Google group want to be in the community? But I didn’t write it.

EDIT: But I think that they reported that having people sign up does the Right Thing.


My bad I missed the “google groups” part! Editing title…


SO glad I’m not the only one who does this!


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