How to not put tags of a topic in alphabetical order

I use tags instead categories on my forum. I would like to keep them in the order I want and get some logic there in the meaning not a list but a sentence. That is not any real issue, because tags are ment to click or act as a category when doing searches.

But mine are in alphabetical order, here in Meta those aren’t. Of couse (is it of course?) icons change that behaviour, but how do you guys get pr-welcome before other tags?

You must have changed something :wink: because tags by default order by popularity:


(which is why pr-welcome appears first - ie not enough PRs! :sweat_smile: )

I see. It is not like given order but popularity.

Well, I have to try how that works for me. I’ve totally forgotten that setting.


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Actually I can’t win here :wink: Listing tags alphabetically changes order at /tags too.

When I’m tagging topics context is important and we westies read from left to right and we see list of tags as a sentence with some meaning.

But /tags is a directory and there we expect alphabetical order, because popularity in long directories is too abctract and tells what everyone else has done, not what an user is looking for — again, the context is missing.

I don’t expect that the team start code drag&drop system or ”using order”, because benefits aren’t in balance with workload. So, I live with that and because UX of /tags is way more important than theoretically aspects of how tags are listed in topics I keep listing tags alphabetically instead of popularity.

Well, I’ve learned some new things today. Minor ones, but new. So, time is not wasted :wink:

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