Show tags in alphabetical order - not working

There is a setting in the ACP that says Show tags in alphabetical order. Default is to show in order of popularity but changing it has no effect on the /tags page - they are always shown by popularity by default (we want them to default to alphabetically).

Is this a bug or is this a setting for something else :confused:


Could be a bug, lots of churn in that area as we move tags to core, cc @neil


That setting was meant for the tag filter drop-down, but youโ€™re right that it should apply to the /tags page too. Iโ€™ll add that.


How can we enable a tags drop down like that @neil?

Site Settings > filter by tag

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Oh nice!

It would be more useful if it has a count of topics like the tags page tho - do you know if that has been suggested anywhere?

Not to my knowledge.

I pushed a fix so tags index is sort alphabetically by default if that settings is checked.