How to print or export very long topics

In my Discourse forum I have some very long topics and I can’t find a way to either print them or export them to other formats (like MS-Word for example). These are the ways I have tried but without success:

  1. Print from the browser: only a certain number of the first posts are printed, after which only blank pages follow.
  2. Save as HTML from browser: same as above.
  3. Select the whole topic to copy the contents to the Windows clipboard: you cannot select the whole topic, after a certain number of posts nothing is copied anymore.

So, the only possibility I have found is to select single parts of the topic and then paste them one by one in Word or similar, but obviously this is a very time consuming job.

I will be grateful if someone could suggest me a way to solve the problem.

Thank you .
Gianni Rossi


Depending on how many replies there are, adding /print to the end of the main topic URL (eg. could be useful to you. I think it still has a cut-off point, but in a quick test it gave me far more replies than the standard browser alternative.


Yup, /print is the way to go. If you press Ctrl + p on the keyboard that should take you straight there.

If you’d like to be able to access this from the UI, you can install this theme component:

(ignore the ‘archived’ banner on GitHub - that’s a mistake. I’ll get it unarchived :eyes:)


Other than pressing Ctrl + p any time you want to either print or export to PDF/HTML, if you want to export to markdown you can visit the raw route like


Thanks Jammy and David, /print or Ctrl + p solved the problem.

Sorry but I don’t understand how to use that URL for my own topic. Could you please clarify.

2 Likes should give you a markdown file of the topic.


It works, thanks, but the topic is truncated at post 100 out of 177.
is there a way to get the text of the whole topic?


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