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Is there a way of seeing a simple version of a topic? Use case is that I simply want to highlight all text in a topic to copy and paste into a document and want to avoid metadata such as poster name, dates, button text etc.

Some forums have a ‘printable view’ or something similar.

I am not sure if one of those options is what you are looking for. Both still show not only the text but also, for example, the post author.

You can Print a topic as a PDF by adding /print to the URL. For example, is printed like this:

Discourse also offers a raw view.
Therefore, you can replace the /t/topic-title/ in the URL with /raw/. If there is a post number at the end of the URL, you see the raw of that post; otherwise, you see the one for the whole topic. However, the author and the post date also appear in the raw view.
The topic looks like this in raw view:


IIRC, isn’t that limited to the first 100 or so posts in that view? (Could be wrong, been a minute since I tried it on a bigger topic)

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You can add ?page=2 to get the next 100 posts and so on.

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Just to note, this is another case where in-tab navigation doesn’t do the thing requested - need to open in a new tab or new window.


out of the box css solution

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Thanks. Raw was exactly what I needed. Now if you could please implement this feature in an old vBulletin 3.8 board… :stuck_out_tongue:

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