How to install Discourse on Webhosting Server (without ssh control)?

I currently have a Forum running phpbb and I want to migrate to Discourse. I looked through the installation Docs on Github but it requires me a Webserver with SSH Control to do this. Is there a way to do this with a “Webhosting Webserver”? Because I have a Webhsoting package with domains connected. For phpbb it was just upload and extract a zip file and then the installation started. Can this work this way too here?

I hope it’s clear what I mean :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance!

Hey @Timothee_scheufler

I’m afraid it’s not possible to install Discourse on to a web hosting package as you describe.

Discourse requires ssh access because unlike phpBB it’s an application, instead of a collection of php files.

Discourse will install docker, and then within docker it will create an image which includes everything it requires to run.

Take a look at the standard install guide. A $5 VPS at DigitalOcean is ample to get started.


Hey Stephen thanks for your anwser,
I do have a vServer running Ubuntu but the other way it would have been much easier… I will have a look into the installation docs again tomorow and do it that way then. :slight_smile:



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