How to reach localization team

I’d like to discuss some decisions that were made about localization - mainly glossary - with Polish translation team.
Is there some easy way to reach people that made these decisions?
In transifex I’m able to find reviewers of Polish translation but account names there and here might differ.
Is there some place here where non-English discussions can happen? I couldn’t find it either.

How do other teams for other languages coordinate their efforts? I find it hard without common place to discuss to make translations consistent and good.


This would be the best place to discuss the translation. You can start a new topic and discuss the issues in Polish if you’d like. There are similar topics for other languages such as 🇪🇸 Revisión de traducciones en Español and 🇩🇪 Fehler in der Deutschen Übersetzung? Hier melden!


Ok sounds good. Thanks for your answer. Will try to spin up Polish thread then :slight_smile: