Organizing translation work and communication within a Transifex team – how do you deal with it?

If I am correct, Transifex offers close to nothing in terms of communication inside a translation team. There is no group chat, no way of reaching the whole team, no place to put guidelines, etc.

How do you deal with it? I seems to me that you need a well-organized team of reviewers who actively monitor what translators do and approach them when they do mistakes. Or is it at least possible to put translation guidelines somewhere on Transifex so that every translator sees them?

I guess it gets easier when a large portion of the translations have been reviewed and therefore cannot be changed by translators, but in a translation that has not come that far (like Norwegian Bokmål), it is still a mess. I can’t even find a way to view the most recent translations or to sort them accordingly.

As for Norwegian Bokmål, I have just started a thread for the team members here on (🇳🇴 Norwegian translation discussion) and we will see how that works out.