How to recover a deleted poll?

I had a topic with a poll and people voted it. This poll was eventually closed.

A few days later, the post content was edited and the poll was deleted. For 99% of cases, this does not delete the information in the polls table, but this time it appears that the info in that table is gone.

If I click on the edits icon, I can see that there is a post_revision with a poll in its content.

However, when I query the polls table I see that that day’s poll (311) has been deleted:

I would like to know two things:

  1. Is there a reason why poll 311 was deleted but not 310 (previous day) or 312 (next day)? The same procedure was followed for all three polls: publish, let people vote, close the poll, edit the post and remove the poll from the contents.

  2. Is there a simple way I can recover the poll information from a backup or do I have to create a temporary virtual machine, install Discourse there and restore the entire DB?

Just wondering if anyone had any insights on this. What makes some polls get deleted but only rarely?