How to recover a deleted topic using the rails console

This is how the accidental deletion occurred:

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
rails c

The <id> I deleted was the wrong one and of course it just so happened to be a topic that a number of users were tuned into it. The important thing is I stopped, did not panic and did not execute another action after the accidental deletion occurred.

:stop_sign: Stop, :no_entry_sign: Do Not Panic and :no_entry_sign: Do Not Execute

How I recovered the accidentally deleted topic using the rails console:

destroyed_topic = _  
destroyed_topic.each do |destroyed_record|

For future reference are there other ways could I have achieved this? If so, how?


Hard to put a time machine on this, but destroy really should be reserved for absolute triple confirmed cases. Do a backup first. I am not sure if your recovery there will cascade and return all the records you need.


Topic.find_by(id: <id>).trash!

To recover:

Topic.with_deleted.where(id: <id>).recover!

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