How to regenerate app.yml file if I delete it accidentally?

I try to add some plugins after restoring a site from a backup and delete the app.yml by mistake, will my site get wiped out if I do ./discourse-setup again?

Hi @th21!

I’m still new here, but I believe that if you don’t delete your /shared directory, all your data will be safe. What the ./discourse-setup will change are the plugins, smtp settings and then run rebuild. I would wait for further confirmation, as I’m a new user, but I’m almost sure of that.

You can always do a backup and restore later as well. Check this article for more information on that.


Nice work, @italo!

Yes, it should be safe to run discourse-setup again and your data should be intact.

You might do

cd /var/discourse
./launcher start app

That will restart your old container.

./launcher enter app
discourse backup

That will make a backup.

Type exit to get out of the container.