How to remove/hide topic IDs from discourse topic URLs?

Bacially right now as you see any topic in discourse URL is like this,

and the same topic opens up from this URL (removed topic ID from URL)

My forum is getting very big with lots of topics being created every day, so my forum new topics URL are getting too long e.g

That long topic ID at end is what i want to get rid of.

As you notice that my forum has many topics and each time a new topic is created, the topic ID is being incremented, even though if i remove 1 topic and make another topic, the new topic ID is again incremented. Discourse keeps using the deleted topic ID in reserve.

My questions are:

  1. How can i change this setting in admin, to by default remove numeric topic IDs from topic URLs, e.g default URLs of my all topics should be like
    instead of
    I basically want to have my URLs user friendly and search engines friendly, nobody likes long numeric numbers in a URLs especially if the forum has over a million topics, as the numbers are getting very long and longer URLs seems to rank less in search engines and also hard for my users to remember.

  2. When i delete a topic in discourse, how can i remove the topic completely from admin so that the old deleted topic ID can be reused and be given to a newly created topic, so that the URLs stay shorter if site has many topics created.


Neither of these are possible. To do either would require a significant redesign of Discourse. If URLs without topic IDs and/or re-use of IDs is a requirement, I’d suggest picking different software.


i see, but if i hit a topic URL without entering a topic ID, that topic still serves successfully. So i feel this feature already exists. So i was thinking if there might be any setting which you guys can add in admin to show topic ID or not like a checkbox setting. which users can toggle ON or OFF. If i set it to off then it will rewrite all my topic URLs without topic ID.

But i am thinking how will discourse treat two topics with exact same topic title/url and if i hit it without a topic ID, which topic will be served then?

Also, is there any plugin to do this, and you suggested for a different softwares, what are some of the best discourse alternatives out there which are as good as discourse?

Plus, I believe that if someone edit a topic title, all existing links containing only the old title won’t work anymore.

The two most known Discourse-like Software are Flarum, which is in beta, and NodeBB. Both use IDs in topics URLs.


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