How to remove the lock icon in private categories

It is possible to remove any icon for that method? I want to remove lock icon near to private categories.

Nope because the lock icon is used for other elements, eg. when you close a topic:


In your case you need to target very specific elements, so you need to use the good old CSS instead of change the icon globally through the APIs.

Something like this should work:

.category .badge-category.clear-badge.restricted .d-icon-lock, 
.badge-category.clear-badge.restricted .d-icon-lock,
.category-list .category-text-title .d-icon-lock {

I was also thinking about the same problem. It works great, thank you for solution. :slight_smile:

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It seems on the box row.

I tried that but doesn’t work.

.header-list-area .category-box-inner .category-box-heading .d-icon-lock {

I think it will work. I will try that:

.category-boxes-with-topics h3 .d-icon-lock {
    display: none;

This should work:

.category-box-heading .d-icon-lock {
    display: none;

depending on the settings you have enabled the classes change and therefore also the elements to be targeted will change.
If it does not work and you can not find a solution send me a link to your site (if it’s the one on your user card I can not open it, my ISP blocks it and I have to go and change the DNS on the router)

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