Changing URL of "Guidelines" page from /faq to /guidelines

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Is the method mentioned here still the best way of changing the Guidelines page’s URL from /faq to /guidelines?

(It adds a second tab called Guidelines by setting faq url to /guidelines, and hides the original tab using CSS.)


maybe have a look at this first:

Thanks. I think that just explains the problem (better than I have) rather than supplies a solution.

To restate the problem using the screenshots above – I’d like to get rid of the green-bordered Guidelines tab completely (I can customise the name of the blue-bordered tab so that it says “Guidelines”).

Or some other way of having a “Guidelines” tab have the URL /guidelines instead of /faq.

heh i will not soon forget that faq guidelines puzzle topic :laughing:

i can probably figure out how to hide it but i’d have to enable it do it or find a site that has one…

does this work?

.nav-pills .nav-item-guidelines {
    display: none;

I was just about to do that hack myself :slight_smile:. Haven’t seen another way of doing it…

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It does, and I think this is the way to go, as there are no more straightforward solution to at this time to my knowledge :slight_smile:

So, I think the answer to:

is “Yes”. :slight_smile:


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