How to "replace" +New Topic with a custom button that brings up the composer

I don’t exactly know where to post this, as I hope this is not purely a CSS/HTML question (which I know is out of the scope of meta). Sorry if it is.

On my discourse forum, in the center of the website, I have made a custom button that opens up the composer, and I have done this using a pre-filled topic via URL and html. While this served my purposes for a while, I have now noticed that it takes twice as long or longer for the composer to load using this method versus just clicking on the “+ New Topic” button directly, which opens up the composer almost instantly. The effect is even worse, for me at least, on mobile, where there is a sizeable lag when clicking my custom button (whereas there is very little lag if I tap +New Topic).

So, my question is, is there any way to, instead of using the pre-filled topic via URL with my custom button, is there a way to “route” my button directly to “+New Topic” as if it were the same button so that I get faster loading times?