How to respond to automatic topics with AI

Hello, is it possible that one of the AI models or options of that type allow you to respond to a topic with AI responses?

For example, there is a topic where they ask sites to register domains, and that the AI automatically responds to different pages?, and in the older topics that this was not implemented, I can do it 1 by 1 with a few clicks.

Has an “answering machine” mode where you can configure the bot to automatically respond to new topics in specific Categories. You can set up the bots prompt per category to tailor its behaviour.

I use it to “intelligently” welcome new members for example.

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I believe you can set this up with Discourse Automation and augment with Discourse AI

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I plan to add “Roles” to “AI Personas”

I have in in progress PR so we are not too far.

“Bot” → the PM / Chat thing we all love
“Group responder” → respond to first post in a group PM (either as post or whisper)
“Topic responder” → respond to topics in a specific category or containing specific tags. (either as post or whisper)

Only thinking at the moment about a role for responding to the first post of a topic, after that … will it gets both complicated and expensive.

A few weeks out.


How’s this coming, I was hoping to be able to use this to reply to the posts which we call “Forever Alone” posts that never got a reply

It would be nice to use LLM and some community search / context to auto reply with potential help and or suggestions

I have a branch for this, but we have a lot of stuff changing at the moment so I put this on hold for a bit.

Responder though was meant to respond right away, what you are describing here feel a bit like automation, no? For topics with zero replies in specific categories, make a reply 1 week later.

How would you see this feature working and helping, can you expand a bit with a concrete example or 2?

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We find that a lot of times a post gets to the forever alone category cause people didn’t see it we have a pretty active forum and stuff just gets past the active topic list and people forget

Sometimes the question has already been answered but the person asking didn’t search the forum

So I think it would be helpful to reply with some interesting related links to other topics and or bump the topic up for visibility

A better option would be to try to actually answer the question based on the entire content of our forum but that seems like a tall (read expensive) order

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For that specific use case I’ve had success giving tools to the staff team using either of the solutions proposed here

IMO it’s better to give those visibility without increasing noise.