How to revoke certificates and uninstall discourse?

I have discourse installed on an Ubuntu 20.04 Server cloud instance, and I now want to completely remove it. I don’t want to just remove the discourse directory, because I know it contains active ssl certificates from letsencrypt. My question is, how exactly do I remove the discourse letsencrypt certificates from my discourse installation that were setup while running the discourse setup script. And… How then, do I completely uninstall discourse from my Ubuntu Server?

There’s negligible risk in not revoking the certificates. Without the private key, they’re useless.

If you want to, you can follow:

Removing the containers, volumes, and then the Discourse install directory will be sufficient to complete uninstall.


But if I don’t revoke the certificates, and want to set up another server with the same domain name, letsencrypt won’t reissue those certificates again unless the initial certs are revoked correct?

They’ll reissue them.

If you’re unsure, you can copy the Let’s Encrypt directory out of the container and archive it, either to reuse the key & certificate or issue a revoke.

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Okay thank you! I will just do that.

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