How to set a welcome email to be sent as soon as a user signs up?

I understand that there is no straightforward ways, but maybe some documentation exists on how to do so via API/webhooks?

Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything yet.
Thank you!

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I think that this might work, but I’m not entirely sure: GitHub - pfaffman/discourse-mailchimp-webhook

Or Discourse Webhooks and Zapier


Oh, thanks a lot for the help!
It’s my bad - I didn’t mention that we don’t use either Mailchimp or Zappier - but thank you anyway!

You’ll likely need to use something like those or get a custom plugin.

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I think the first automated message comes when a user spends about 15mins browsing a forum and is then promoted to trust level 1. I wrote up a guide how to use these system message to welcome new user:

Maybe not a solution depending what exactly you want to achieve though. In the line what @pfaffman suggested you could also look at Discourse modules on Make.


I love Discourse-automation for stuff like this. I wasn’t able to send an email, per se, but I did send a custom message to a new user upon signup. I created an automation that sends a PM when a user joins a group, in this case trust_level_0.

Here is a screenshot of the compete automation:

Immediately upon creating a new account I had the PM waiting for me:

Screenshot 2022-04-01 at 15-26-21 Sandbox Discourse Kit - sdk

And the PM itself:

Wow, that is fun, I just want to play with all the automation! :sunglasses:

@Helga_Razinkova, if the available actions don’t work for your use case, you might be able to add your own action, and that documentation is available at:


Oh, thank you so much for this! I will definitely show it to our dev team :slight_smile:

And thanks a million for such thorough help you provide here, guys, this is amazing!