How to set threaded replies like in the picture?

Please see the picture, I really need the feature.

This looks like the qna plugin: EDIT: no it’s not, see below

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Thanks, let me ask the discourse team if there is another way.
Since the github plugin is too complicated for me. :sweat_smile:

Generally, Discourse does not do “threading” in the same fashion. It uses a different paradigm.

It provides breadcrumbs for replies but Topics are usually organised such that they remain specific to a single topic.

If you want the discussion to branch you have the option to get a moderator to split off the topic to a new dedicated one. There will be a breadcrumb link back to the original topic.

This has been discussed a lot here so you should find other discussions on it via search.

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Yes, I saw post like this: Plugin: Ask me anything or Q&A format (threaded replies) - #37 by joebuhlig
But the discourse team says the channel is reserved for their hosted customers only.

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That doesn’t look like the Q&A layout? That looks more like this:

I think the image in the OP may be the normal behaviour of clicking the ‘x reply’ chevron in a post:

There’s also the other option of providing a filtered view if you enable the enable filtered replies view admin setting:


Ah my bad. You are right.

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