How to Setup Discourse

(John) #1


I have install pt-wp-discourse-sso plugin and under setting WP Discourse SSO appear, but I dont understand from where I can get my secret key and Discourse URL.

can anyone tell me how to get these things and setup this plugin


(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

For their “3. Enabling SSO on Discourse”, you just need to search for enable_sso, sso_url and sso_secretin the Discourse admin panel.

I agree the setup instructions could be a bit more step-by-step though. Maybe @etc can help you out with that :smile:

(etc) #3

The setup is pretty straightforward. I even provide a forum link that explains which settings you need to switch on. Let me know if you continue to have issues.

  1. The secret key is something you generate. It’s can be any random string. You could even just type “asdfasdfasdfasdf” if you wanted.

  2. You need to setup your Discourse forum somewhere. If you don’t know your Discourse URL, then you need to contact your Discourse host and ask them what the URL is. This isn’t something the plugin sets up for you. The plugin merely connects your existing WP installation with an existing Discourse forum.

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Thanks for tagging me and letting me know about the thread!