How to setup host mapping on a multi-site discourse instance

Hi there,
I have a multi-site instance setup within a larger org. One of our products wants to keep their branding through discourse. So the primary instance is but a site within the instance wants to be mapped with Is this possible? If so, can someone share instructions on doing so? Thanks!!

Yes. You can use any subdomain for any site. See Multisite configuration with docker.

More specifically, I don’t want to do A,com with subdomain B,A com C,A com, E,A com. I’m looking to do A,com, B,com, C,com, each with their own domain. It might setup as a multi-site on Discourse but can I map each unique domain to each of the sites in a multi-site setup?

note: i used commas in the example addresses bc I’m limited to two addresses per post

Yes. You can use any domain you want. As many as you want. As different as you want. So yes,,

You can surround text with backticks to make them code like to add them without a link.